The coats of arms Heraldic description: Two blue blooms of flax in gold above a red cart wheel with seven spokes. On the blue and golden bulged helmet with blue and golden blanket a blue wing with golden feathers. Meaning: According to the opinion of the founder Dr. A. Harlos the family name Harlos probably arises from the German "har" = flax. For this reason he chose two blue blooms of flax for the shield. Typical profession for the male line is being a carter. This tradition was held for at least five generations. This is symbolised as the cart wheel on the shield. The main colours blue and gold result from the natural colour of the flax blooms (which is blue) and from the colour of the city shield of Essen since three generations of Harlos were resident there. Also the founder of the arms was born in Essen. The cart wheel in red is also reference to the city Mainz where Dr. A. Harlos lived. The wing on the helmet is supposed to remind that the founder has been an enthusiastic sports air man ever since his youth. Our coats of arms is registered in the "Deutsche Wappenrolle", look for number 8781/87. The genealogical tree Gen. name number *./+ spouse 1 Matthes A 1560/1627 Eva Baumann 2 Hanß A 8 1599/1642 Anna Zobold 3 Georg A 82/1 1631/1699 Anna Ottilia Rüdel 4 Johann Wilhelm 1b 1660/1740 Anna Margar. Hubert 5 Johann Wilhelm 1b1 1691/1767 Maria Cathar. Metz 6 Philipp Henrich 1b19 1737/1786 Maria Magdal. Ermel 7 Johann Friedrich 1b191 1769/1844 Magdal. Elisabeth ? 8 Nikolaus 191.3 1797/ ? Barbara Tiefenbach 9 Peter 191.32 1820/1891 Katharina Berg 10 Heinrich 191.3211 1872/ ? Karoline Ehrenfeld 11 Wilhelm Friedrich 191.3211.2 1898/1962 Eugenie Wallach 12 Heinrich 191.3211.23 1935 Margot Dirvelis 13 Dieter 191.3211.231 1956 Adelheid Peukert The chronicler                 of the family was                 Dr. rer. Pol. Aloys Harlos. His code in the genealogical tree is 184.531.21. Already in 1929/30 he began his research concerning the family and intensified it after he had retired. In 1991 he summarised his research in a book which is published in the "Deutsches Familienarchiv, Band 106". Also he was the one to found our coats of arms. Please read further on for explanation of the meaning of the arms. All information and data used on this homepage derive from his research. The book is recommendable for all Harlos members and can be obtained through The direct connection in the genealogical tree from generation to generation is shown as an example for Dieter Harlos (from 1st generation Matthes to 13th generation Dieter). Here is a small excerpt of the chronicle as follows: The history of the Harlos family can be traced back to the year 1560 which is the assumed year of birth of Matthes Harloß. He and his wife lived in the town called Wunsiedel in Oberfranken (part of Germany) and he worked as a nailsmith. However, even before the year 1560 as assumed year of birth of Matthes, one can find the family name in variant forms such as Harles, Harlas and Herlos but they could not be specifically assigned. It is already then that the history concerning the family gets exciting and interesting and even more so as of the second and third generation. Then the families were blessed with many children and children's children that made it through the rough times of the medieval. Already as of the fourth generation the family is divided into seven lines. The sixth line is yet even subdivided into a), b) and c). The one line that has spread the most is line number six from which we descend. They were migrants from "Galizien" (part of today's Ukraine). Even up till today one can find complete lists of descendants pointing towards the USA where approximately 350 bearers of the name Harlos live today. In Canada there are about 220 and in Germany approx. 750. Together with the ones scattered all over Europe there are about 1500 Harlos members. It is quite well proven that all bearers of the names Harlos and Haarlos are related to each other. It has been determined that the wrong spelling in form of Haarlos is originated in the Pfalz (part of Germany) due to incorrect register. For further detailed information we recommend to obtain the book about the Harlos family. Contact: The dedication We, that we are Greet thee and Reach out to thee, that have once been and thee, yet to come; our line, a strong hold.